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Dr. Ramesh Bhat

Provost - Management Education, NMIMS 

Heartiest congratulations to all of you on making to the SBM NMIMS for the MBA Batch of 2018-20. On behalf of all our faculty and staff at the School, I am delighted to welcome you to the NMIMS University.

I know you have been through a highly competitive selection process and many of you had options joining other business schools. But finally, you have chosen the SBM NMIMS. Congratulations. All of us at the SBM and your parents and families will take pride in your achievements and your decision.

You should be proud that now you are part of the four-decade-old legacy of the SBM which has been in the forefront of providing management education to develop leadership skills in a forward thinking and fast-changing business environment. I may say that you are also a proud entrant to the School which is now AACSB accredited by the AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). AACSB accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide, and this makes our School set itself apart, focus on a high level of quality, and earn global recognition. Our University has recently achieved Government of India NAAC Accreditation of A+ and Tier I graded autonomy status granted to 29 universities out of 900 universities in India. And you are part of this School now.

You are joining the SBM at a time when some significant changes are unfolding. Disruptive changes, internet of things, crypto ledger systems, AI are buzzwords that are here to stay. Several pilots initiated in these areas over the years would come to the implementation stage soon, and you all will see this significant change unfolding before your eyes. You would also be stepping into new environment of opportunities created by the introduction of 5G and challenges of trade war escalating in the global world. Therefore, you have an immense responsibility of making it sure that you prepare yourself to handle this complex formulations and business - strategies of the new age.

The School will provide and create opportunities for you to learn and equip to handle all these challenges. I am sure you will use the opportunity presented by the School, and you will make the best use of your time to hone the leadership needed in these areas.

You are about to set your foot into the learning eco-system and prepare yourself for the corporate world. You are going to experience the fantastic fusion of learning opportunities SBM has created for you. How you play with this fusion and prepare yourself depends on you and your determination. As they say in performing arts and sports that harder you practice, luckier you get. The same is true with management education. SBM is a place where the faculty believes in and focuses on experiential learning with the greater use of technological innovations. The efforts put together by our faculty and staff make it sure that you are trained to handle the decision-making business situations with greater success.

We at the SBM are committed to providing a solid foundation to your knowledge base, honing your valuable skills, helping you to understand what role the attitude plays in being excellent and why forming right habits are critical to becoming effective leaders. During next couple of days you are going to hear a term called KASH (not CASH) time and again to make it sure that you understand the objective of pursuing your MBA Program – maximizing the KASH.

K and S create your talent pool and with right A and H ensures you create excellence all around. A and H is what you do with your critical assets of K and S. Without right A and H, K and S would be waste. While being here, among other things, you will be asked to create a balance sheet of companies, but you will also be reminded time and again how much KASH you added to your own balance sheet each day.

My faculty will ensure that while you are here, you not only understand the business dynamics and how to create excellence but emphasize how to be socially and ethically responsible managers with a global perspective. Our courses are designed to provide greater learning through feedback system and providing a hands-on experiential learning environment. The School creates opportunities to intern with well-known companies in India and work with social-sector organizations through WeCare Program. This year our students interned with 229 companies and 265 social sector organization in locations across the country.

We at the SBM are hugely proud of our faculty and staff who do their best in creating excitement in learning. Our courses are based on their scholarly pursuit in a number of areas from marketing strategies, financial analytics and financial micro-market structures to an understanding of organizational, team and interpersonal behaviour, blockchain encrypted technologies, communication, management information systems, and operations management.

But more important the SBM environment provides ample opportunities to all of you to pursue live projects working with companies and participate in various research initiatives focusing on business and management. Our faculty who has collaborated and continuously interact with industry and with various business leaders provide a unique opportunity for us to learn. You will experience that during your learning process you are presented a number of competitive business challenges. It only through by addressing and handling these challenges you will learn, demonstrate and showcase your understanding of integrating business concepts and frameworks in multidisciplinary settings. Working in teams offer opportunities for understanding the dynamics of team-based decisions and how to incorporate innovative skills and creativity crucial for success.

I invite you to explore the SBM learning environment by going through our program, curricula, requirements and course offerings and discover more about the SBM eco-system of learning. Are there any short-cuts? None. There are no short-cuts to genuine learning and pure excellence. Any student of music or sports will tell you that developing right attitude and great habits requires time, practice and patience. In the beginning, it will appear to you that space is our constraint (it is so in places like Mumbai), but you will soon realise that it is our precious ASSET. SBM space brings us closer; it tests our patience at times – an essential trait of leaders. Our alumni tell us that SBM fellows’ inter-personal skills are of par excellence because we can create spaces when there is none. At times you may find that visiting the Juhu beach and walking on the sand gives an enjoyment no campus in India or abroad can provide. Listening to Beethoven music in the quadrangles during lunch time while waiting in the queue increases your dopamine, essential for learning and increasing memory power.

So welcome to the world of SBM – the bliss of learning and paradise of KASH.

Happy Learning

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