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Prof. Sudhanshu Sekhar Pani

Position - Assistant Professor

Phone : 022-42355886

Email -

Academic and Professional Qualification

• Pursuing Ph.D. in Management (Finance), School of Business Management, NMIMS University, Mumbai
• MBA (Exe-PGP), Indian Institute of Management, Indore, 2006-08 (Ranked first in class)
• Bachelor of Engineering, Utkal University, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, 1995-1999, (Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Graduated with Honors)
• Graduate of ICICI Bank ‘Banking Leadership Programme’, Aug 2012

Honors and Awards

• Awarded the Certificate of Merit for securing the FIRST RANK in EPGP, IIM INDORE, Class of 2006-08
• Awarded the “BEST ALL ROUNDER AWARD, 1995” at V. S. Vidyalaya
• Editor of the techno-literary publication of IGIT Sarang, “TECHNO-QUEST,1998”
• HAL prize, 3rd in Std. 10th, V. S. Vidyalaya, 1993

• Member - The Econometric Society, USA, Since Nov 2018

Courses Taught:

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Accounting for Business, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance -1, Wealth Management, Financial Modelling, Advanced Spreadsheet Modeling & Simulation

Teaching Experience: 2 Year
• Lecturer, Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Utkal University, Sarang, Odisha, Nov 1999 - Nov 2000
• Visiting Faculty, School of Business Management, NMIMS, 2018-19

Industry Experience: 19 Years
• Advisor, Nowa Labs, Singapore, Jan-2019 – present
• ICICI Bank Limited, Mumbai, April ’12 – Jan’18
• Investment Specialist, Wealth Management, April ’16 – Jan’18
• Branch Manager, Wealth Management, April ’12 – March’ 16
• Senior Manager, Imperia Premium Banking, HDFC Bank Limited, Mumbai Aug ‘08 – March ’12
• Co-Founder and Partner, Finance Central, Mumbai, Jan 06 - July ’08
• Sales Development Manager, HDFC Standard Life Insurance, Mumbai, April 05 - December 05
• Officer, Wealth Management, Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai, May 04 - April 05
• Business Development Manager, Marketing Executive, Bailiwick Solutions Private Ltd., New Delhi,
Dec 2000 - April 04
Ph.D. Topic:
“Essays in Market Microstructure: On the Information Content of Quotes and Continuous Auctions in Limit Order Markets”

Research Interest:
Capital Markets, Market Microstructure, Stochastic Processes, Complex Systems, Asset Allocation, Wealth Management, Fractional ownership of tokenized assets using Blockchain.

Recent Publications

Pani Sudhanshu, (2016), The Right Cocktail – Asset allocation and Wealth Management in India, Kousalam    Publishers.  

Paper Presented / Published in Conference
• Pani, Sudhanshu Sekhar, Patnaik, Suresh Chandra and Sarangi Bidyadhar, A computer programme for selection of Hardenable Steels, (1999), published in the conference proceedings at the National Conference on Metals and materials at PSG College of Engineering, Coimbatore
• Patnaik, Suresh C and Sarangi Bidyadhar, Pani, Sudhanshu, Rout, Santosh, Mishra Narayan, Padhi, Amitava, Mahapatra, Sanjiv, ‘Effect of Zinc Addition on Precipitation Characteristics of Heat Treated Al-Mg Cast alloys’, Proceedings of the ‘National seminar on Experimental Approaches in Pyrometallurgical Research, 2000’ held at Regional Research Laboratories, Bhubaneswar, Allied Publishers, New Delhi
• Patnaik, Suresh C and Sarangi Bidyadhar, Pani, Sudhanshu, Rout, Santosh, Mishra Narayan, Padhi, Amitava, Mahapatra, Sanjiv, ‘Influence of Magnesium content on the structure and precipitation characteristics of heat treated Al-Mg cast alloys and effect of addition of zinc’, presented at ATM-99 of IIM, Nov. 13-16, 1999, IIT- Kanpur

Research in Progress

Submitted to Peer Reviewed Journals
• Pani, Sudhanshu Sekhar, A theory of ‘Auction as a Search’ in speculative markets. (2018)
• Chakravarty, Ranjan and Pani, Sudhanshu Sekhar, A Data Paradigm for Robustification of Parametric Estimation: Realized Volatilities and Kernels from Non-Synchronous NASDAQ Quotes (2018)
• Chakravarty Ranjan and Pani, Sudhanshu, Liquidity, Durations and Bid-ask Spread in Limit Order Markets, (2018).
• Chakravarty Ranjan and Pani, Sudhanshu, Broken Exchanges: An Analysis of Market Quality in NSE and Welfare Concerns, (2019).

• Chakravarty, Ranjan and Pani, Sudhanshu Sekhar, Non-Microstructure Noise (July 29, 2018). Available at SSRN:
• Pani, Sudhanshu Sekhar, The Information Content of Quotes in High Frequency Order Driven Markets, (2019),
• Pani, Sudhanshu Sekhar, Information Aggregation in High Frequency Continuous Double Auctions (October 10, 2018). Abstract Available at SSRN:
• Mishra, Jasaswini and Pani, Sudhanshu Sekhar, Household Food Budget Inflation as an Aid to Policy Formulation (October 31, 2011). Available at SSRN:

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