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Core Cell

Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC)

1. Functionality of the Cell

The Industry Institute Partnership Cell is an interface between the academia and the industry which functions to bridge the gap between the expectations of the industry and the development of the students, by providing corporate projects. It is also the consulting division of NMIMS and is responsible for carrying out research with the aid of the industry. It aims to provide exposure to the students and build their intellectual capital by means of corporate (live) projects, guest sessions, preparatory workshops, case study competitions and business conclaves, while simultaneously strengthening the sphere of consulting at NMIMS.

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

Our aim is to complement the theoretical knowledge of the students with the practical insights of the Industry and our initiatives are in sync with this motive.

Practical approach to learning: IIPC brings in corporate projects to provide an opportunity to the students to apply their classroom learning and experience the functioning of a corporate.
• Industrial trends: Guest sessions and workshops are organized regularly to introduce the students to emerging trends and arm them with the skills required to succeed.
• Consultancy: The consultancy arm of IIPC introduces, coaches and develops the skills of the students who are interested in pursuing a career in consulting.
• Research: The research division works in collaboration with the industry to publish white papers and provide a platform to ideate and share original ideas.

3. Team Member Details

Faculty In-Charge: Dr. Bala Krishnamoorthy, Associate Dean, Accreditation
Official E-mail ID:


4. List of Major Events

• Meet the iCons: IIPC organized Meet the iCons, an event where First-year MBA students get to interact with second-year students who have represented NMIMS on various coveted platforms and have secured meritorious PPO’s and PPIs through such competitions.
• Cognora 1.0: IIPC organized a two-day guesstimates workshop, Cognora. The session - conducted by Mr. Viviyan Sharma, Consultant, Droege Group India - was aimed at preparing students for summer and final placements, enabling them to utilize the right tools and frameworks to tackle unexpected interview questions.
• Concentric 3.0: IIPC organized its flagship event, catering to the needs of the industry and students’ thought synthesis on the consulting vertical. The event was spread over three days and included workshops, guest sessions, and a consulting case study competition.
• Management Consulting Conclave 6.0: IIPC organized its flagship consulting conclave, Management Consulting Conclave, to help students in getting insights from industry stalwarts. This year’s theme was “New Age Consulting: navigating the storm”.
• Convisage: IIPC organized an annual national-level live case study competition called Convisage. This year the case was sponsored by Options-The fashion mall, a leading retail fashion store in Mumbai. The competition was spread across three rounds: Case Analysis and shortlisting, final presentations, and a secret round. The winners were given a prize of 1.8 lakhs in cash and 70 thousand in kind.

Placement Committee

Placement Committee at SBM, NMIMS, a team of young minds with excellent industry exposure, synergizes well on cross-functional skills to serve varied interests of the batch. They maintain an excellent rapport with the batch and stay abreast with relevant market insights aiding the students of the batch to deliver the toughest interviews successfully. They proactively contact companies and conduct the placement process, thereby popularizing the brand SBM, NMIMS to the corporate fraternity. The team is result oriented and works towards placements for summers and finals of nearly 1,000 students across all programs namely MBA and MBA Human Resources.

Major events of Placement Committee include Final Placements, Summer Internship, PrePlacement Talks, Corporate Visits, and Industry Interactions with Alumni & Guest Lectures.

Director (Placements) - Ms. Shobha Pai

The Placement committee for the academic year 2019-20 is as follows:


Alumni Relations Cell

1. Functionality of the Cell

NMIMS Alumni Relations Cell focuses on strengthening alumni -institute linkages to foster a symbiotic relationship between the alumni and the institute.

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

The Alumni Relations Cell, NMIMS, School of Business Management has helped form the "NMIMS Business School Alumni Association" under Section (25) of the Companies Act, 1956 incorporated on 13th July, 2011.

3. Team Member Details

Faculty In -Charge - Prof. Dr. Hitesh Kalro
Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events

Grand Alumni Mumbai Meet
Felicitation Ceremony
Domestic Chapter Meets (Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune)
International Alumni Meets (London, San Francisco, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Toronto)
• Coffee Meets (Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Jaipur)
Monthly Alumni Newsletter – ‘Aluminous’
Lead The Way Mentorship Program
Engagement with alumni through our Portal, E-mail, Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Alumni Round Table Conferences- Alumni are invited to the college to address the students on a variety of topics
Orientation Week Sessions for first year students
Workshops for alumni like Memory Magic workshop, Wealth Creation & Growth workshop
Batch Reunions
Book Launches
Rendezvous- Down the Memory Lane

Social Responsibility Forum (SRF)

1. Functionality of Cell

The Social Responsibility Forum (SRF) is the student body of NMIMS that strives to promote social sensitivity among MBA students by executing various short-term and long-term civic engagement activities. The activities undertaken by the cell range from conducting various drives like ‘Blood Donation’ and ‘Joy of Giving Week’ to handling long term projects like the ‘Fireflies Program’, wherein MBA students volunteer to interact with the social upfront of the profit and non-profit organizations. We provide a platform for various social organizations like India Donates (Crowdsourcing platform) and Vision India to create awareness amongst our students thus encouraging them to offer their skills through volunteering, special projects and research related activities inclined towards the benefit of these organizations.

2. Our Differentiating Factor

SRF is a forum for young, proactive and enthusiastic leaders who believe in solving problems skilfully thereby creating a sustainable future. In addition to providing a broad base for social projects and initiatives, SRF also offers the students with numerous opportunities which involve application of their management skills to solve the upcoming social problems. These also provide them with an opportunity to interact with the leaders of the social change. The values that unite the forum are:

• Profound sense of purpose in life
• A will to give back to the society
• Commitment to devote considerable time and energy so as to be an initiator of Social Change

SRF differentiates itself with its unique ‘We Care’: Civic Engagement Internship in which 628 students are placed in 254 organizations across 21 states and 3 union territories of the country. The program aims at sensitizing the students with a sense of social development.

3. Team Member Details

Faculty-in-Charge – Dr. Meena Galliara
Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events

•  Sadbhavna: The Annual flagship event during which numerous events such as Vagyuddha (Parliamentary Debate), Samadhan (Case Study), We Innovate etc. are conducted over the course of several days.

• Vagyuddha: Debate competition on topics of social sensitivity.
• Samadhan: Case Study competition on social causes
• NGO Skit and Dance: Skit and Dance competition for children of different NGOs 

Blood Donation Drive
Joy of Giving Week: A donation drive involving the contributions (clothes, food, etc.) from students for the underprivileged.
• NGO Mela: A festival to boost the visibility of NGOs by providing them a forum to sell their products and promote the causes they work for. A marketing competition is also conducted to help increase the sales proceeds for the NGOs
NGO Sports Day: An engagement of young kids in sports thus promoting a spirit of sportsmanship in them.
Marathon: A run to support a cause or NGO.
Social Consultancy Projects: Short and long term projects at NGOs and social enterprises where students can apply concepts from the classroom to provide solutions to various social organizations for the live business problems they are facing. SRF has associated with many organizations like SOS and I-Volunteer.
We Care Civic Internship: Facilitation of the activities related to the 3-week We Care Civic Engagement Internship in association with the Jasani Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Management
• We Innovate: A social B-plan competition based on students’ experiences during their We Care internship • We Care Photography and Documentary Workshop and Competition

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