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Functional cells


1. Functionality of the Cell

Finomenon, the finance cell of NMIMS represents as the knowledge centre as well as support to the students for all matter related to finance. From conducting special sessions explaining careers in finance to in depth equity research seminars where investment analysis is explained, Finomenon is always actively working in Finance, for the students, by the students.

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

Finomenon is not just a cell but the ‘Mecca of Finance' at NMIMS, busting with activities throughout the year. The 'Finance cell in the financial hub of the country' is dedicated at providing its members a networking opportunity with students, faculty, alumni and business leaders.

3. Team Member Details

Faculty In-Charge – Dr. Mayank Joshipura
Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events

• Illuminar, a business conclave where top leaders from the industry and students congregate for panel discussion and speaker sessions to discuss events making a mark in the global financial world. 

• Finance Week- A week where we celebrate finance and is full of sessions by business leaders, competitions based on Mergers and Acquisitions, requiring in-depth knowledge of finance. It consists of:

• Sim-Quest – Simulation game
• Dice of Zeus – Mergers and Acquisitions
• Fin-Analyst – Paper Presentation
• Fin Fiesta-Fun Events
• The Finance Mogul- Online stock trading plus M&A

• Samriddhi, a student managed investment fund under whose umbrella we conduct Investment Research sessions, provide periodic in-depth understanding of the global financial markets so that students are updated with the happenings in the always changing financial world

• Moolyankan, signifies valuation – our Flagship event requiring immense research and analysis to create a stock pitch and then convince the who’s who of the industry with your pitch


1. Functionality of the Cell

As the HR cell of NMIMS, Mumbai, HRuday aims to strike a chord at the ‘heart’ of all businesses – the businesses’ Human Resources. True to its name, HRuday seeks to catalyze the Rise (uday) of the HR function as a specialization at NMIMS. We organize events, workshops and publish a monthly online newsletter called “ensHRine”.

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

1) Batch Prep for the 1st year
2) Association with SHRM and NHRD
3) Strong Industry Interaction
4) Weekly HR news capsules shared via social media

3. Team Member Details

Faculty In-Charge Prof. Seema Rawat

Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events PANKH:

COLLOQUIUM: Seminar by Industry Experts
PANKH: National Level Summer Project Competition
HRECTIFY: Flagship Event – National Level Case Study Competition
NETRATVA: Bidding and Negotiation Competition
AAKAR: Fun, Work Simulated Business Competition
SAMAVESH: Online Video Submission Competition


1.Functionality of the cell

Optumiz is the operations and supply chain management cell of NMIMS Mumbai. Founded in 2007, Optumiz has established itself by actively conducting a plethora of events namely guest sessions, panel discussions, TEDx, seminars, case study competitions, business simulation events, industry visits, workshops etc. which strive to enlighten and acquaint the students with the entire gamut of current and emerging trends in the field of operations management ranging from Logistics to Analytics and Automatization of the supply chain.

2. Differentiating factor of the cell

Operations management is an integral part and a driving force behind any successful company culminating in it being a popular choice of specialization among today’s budding managers. To foster this mindset, Optumiz conducts various national level events and competitions year on year attracting active participation from celebrated B-schools like the IIMs, IITs, SP Jain and NITIE to name a few.

Leading all these activities is Optitude, the annual flagship event of Optumiz. It begins with a keynote address by an industry expert followed by a panel discussion involving industry stalwarts, experienced faculty and interested students making it an enriching experience involving knowledge sharing and generation of useful insights.

The floating of corporate/live projects leads to the students inculcating an experiential learning approach which has an added value over and above the classroom pedagogy. The various operations and supply chain monthly connects provide an open forum for discussion with the NMIMS Alumni. These interactions provide our upcoming managers with useful ideas about how to proceed and carve a niche for themselves in a career in operations management.

3. Team members 

Faculty in charge – Dr. Tohid T. Kachwala
Official Email Id:


4. List of major events:

• Optitude: Flagship event of Optumiz, "Optitude"- the Operations Conclave, boasts of the industry stalwarts from operations domain who gather on one platform to discuss the latest trends in the industry and challenges faced in the domain of Operations and Supply Chain management. 

• TEDxNMIMS – Organized in collaboration with the Students Council. The event involves eight speakers from diverse backgrounds sharing inspirational ideas on a common theme. The theme is designed with a view of offering value addition to the students’ perspectives while maintaining a rich quality of speeches on the college platform. 

• Simulation Games - Organized for both intra-college and inter-college events. Simulation games are designed to offer the students an opportunity to employ various operational strategies to resolve the challenges faced by the companies. Some simulation games organized so far include Victrix Mortalis, Turbulent Times and Battlooms. 

Case Study Challenges – Pan India case study competition held in Opera (Paragana) and UPS case study challenge along with on spot case competition held to challenge the best of the minds across all the B schools (Augustus)

SWOT & PESTLE competition: Organized in collaboration with SWOT &, a leading strategy research portal. The students get to work on comprehensive SWOT & PESTLE analysis of the companies, and get the opportunity to have their work published on a reputed research house website. 

• ISCEA Ptak Global Supply Chain Case Competition – (Asia Qualifier-India): Optumiz in association with ISCEA and PTAK prize hosts the Asia Qualifier-India of ISCEA Ptak - Optumiz - Global Supply Chain Case Competition. 

• Operations Term of the Day (OTOTD): It is a daily mailer-capsule of the operations’ terms that management students should understand irrespective of their background and specialization. It has been subscribed by students of more than 20 top b-schools of India including IIMs, IIFT, NITIE, etc. Along with the email, OTOTD is also published on the Facebook page of Optumiz. 

• XploringOps: Weekly dose of articles relevant to the Operations and Supply Chain domain, posted on the official facebook page. The objective of this initiative is to keep the students updated with the latest news from the industries around the world. 

• Company analysis: Social media posts giving brief analysis about different companies visiting NMIMS campus. This is to add value to students’ general knowledge about different industries, which in turn, can help them during their placement process. 

KPMG Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and KPMG Blockchain Certification programmes conducted to provide the students with practical knowledge from the industrial experts

• Industrial visits- For students who intend to specialize in Operations. It gives them practical experience of theories learnt during curriculum. 

• R Workshop- An intense workshop designed with a focus of giving the students valuable insights about business analytics just before their internships and final placements begin. 

Bi-Annual Magazine - CATENA AUREA. Students from NMIMS as well as from other B-Schools are invited to write articles on a decided theme for the magazine. The theme selection is made with an objective of offering new perspectives about both contemporary and modern concepts in operations management to the students.

NJM (Not Just Marketing)

1. Functionality of the Cell

Not Just Marketing (NJM) is the Marketing Cell of NMIMS. It is a congregation of creative minds that blends passion and enthusiasm in the pursuit of marketing and related domains. In essence, NJM is a dynamic and enthusiastic entity that is always looking to enhance the quality of its work and facilitate the development of management students as business leaders of the future.

2. Differentiating Factor of the Cell

NJM’s initiative ‘ConQuest’ offers disguised market research insights in the form of corporate projects to reputed companies. The cell has a 10-year long history of conducting this program with giants like Ford, Unilever, Mondelez, Mahindra ICICI Bank and many more.

As part of its knowledge-share initiatives, NJM publishes Buzz – The Markazine, a biannually release authored by management students. The magazine encourages them to work on Industry Research, analyze marketing trends and test their knowledge by writing articles that reach thousands of readers. Podcasts are also released on a quarterly basis covering interviews with successful students and experts from the industry.

NJM holds a notable online presence on prominent websites as well. The cell also organizes guest talks and corporate conclaves in which senior executives from renowned companies such as Raymond, United Breweries, The Hindu, Nivea etc. come to impart their knowledge. It also holds seminars on campus and boasts of a strong industry interface that it aims to build with every year.

Faculty In-Charge  Prof. Sreeram Sivaramakrishnan 

Official Email Id:


4. List of Major Events

ConQuest – Disguised Market Research
Last Marketer Standing
Buzz – The Markazine (Quarterly) & Buzz Podcasts (Quarterly)
NJM Week
Case Study Competitions
Guest Sessions
SummerIce’ - Batch Preps  Workshops- Digital Marketing, Sales


Functionality of the cell

SummIT, the Technology cell at NMIMS focuses on developments and changes in the vast world of Technology. SummIT works on the ideology that technology and business have become so interwoven that businesses cannot function effectively without technology today. This ideology drives SummIT and its individuals to function as an effective team in its pursuit to enable students to embrace the power of Technology and use it to positively influence the corporate world.

Differentiating Factor of the Cell

SummIT is known for its regular engagements with Corporate through CIO Connect and Leader Connect where senior management of esteemed companies interacts with students and provide invaluable exposure through experience-sharing. SummIT also organizes workshops such as Advanced Excel workshop, Adobe Photoshop and PMI’s PMBOK workshop that provide a powerful skillset to students to solve issues and present them when they venture into the corporate world.

Faculty In-Charge - Prof Vikas Gadre

Cell Email ID -


List of major events

• CIO/Leader Connect: Leadership session series where industry stalwarts come and interact with students about technological impacts on businesses and sectors.
• Tech Forum: An open case challenge for participants to showcase techno-biz startup ideas to the panellists comprising industry experts.
• Kickstart: A techno-strategic simulation event which challenges the problem-solving skills of students, conducted during Parichay.
• Inter’n’Act: A platform for first-year students to be exposed to cracking the process and comprehending learning of summer Internship from second year students.
• MindIT: The event has technology as its theme but the nuanced idea keeps changing thus fostering creativity and innovation, conducted during Augustus.
• Ace the Case: A national level case study competition, conducted during Paragana.
• Zero Respect: An exhilarating LAN gaming event including Age of Empires, Counter Strike and FIFA, conducted during Euphoria.
• Ideate: Article writing competition for the bi- annual magazine of SummIT, called ‘Manthan’
Workshops: Advanced Excel, Tableau Workshop
• Editorial: Techshots – Brief techno business articles published on social media platform.

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